What do you do when you want to drastically increase the efficiency of AdWords management while at the same time making it easier to produce more conversions?

What I am going to cover today is a sure fire way to radically change your AdWords groups. While you may not be an AdWords pro just yet, but there is a huge benefit in splicing and dicing up your Ad Groups.

If you are new to PPC or a seasoned veteran then utilising SKAGs could be a great way to spice things up.

See, your AdWords account structure is vital to your PPC success.
Single Keyword Ad Groups is hands down one of the fastest ways to dramatically improve your click-through rates and quality scores.
This all has a direct correlation to the amount of conversion you can grab or for the budding PPC gurus among you the amount of cash AKA ROI you are bringing in with you AdWords campaign.

So, What Is A Single Keyword Ad Group?

Basically, a single keyword ad group is an exactly as it sounds, simply limit one single keyword or phrase to its own ad group but make sure you leveagre multiple match types. What I mean by this is take all available modified variants of that keyword in the group.

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February 23, 2017

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