SEO Vs Adwords

SEO VS AdWords

As you may know, Search engine optimization is critical to your overall digital marketing strategy and associated business success.

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine optimization which suggests the application of numerous digital marketing techniques designed to drive your site and it’s associated pages to the top of Google’s search results page, which increases the quantity of traffic that gets organically directed there.

What Is AdWords (SEM)?

SEM or AdWords as it is commonly known is Google cost per click (CPC) marketing which uses Googles ever growing search engine as a network which shows advertisements above the search results page and charges you each time someone clicks on one among them.

With regards to Search engine optimization vs AdWords, there are pros and cons of both.

For starters, Search engine optimization is generally more affordable as it is something you may do yourself, or that you could pay for somebody else to do for an ongoing monthly fee or a one-time project fee.

The greatest benefit of SEO is that it is evergreen and has an ongoing benefit to the website it is completed on.

When you stop putting effort into Search engine optimization, you will find that your site remains steeped in Google search results page traffic for quite a long time. Often the largest change in quality SEO work comes about due to in the changes in the search engines algorithm’s or when some new competition comes along and trumps your site or its pages with better technical SEO or a complete answer to a user’s questions.

With regards to Return on investment then, Search engine optimization is possibly the better deal since you may keep receiving advantages years later following a one-time investment.

That said, as you just pay for AdWords and start to get clicks you will likely see a solid return on investment. You could work for many years on Search engine optimization and find that you never get to the top since the competition is just too good and has a higher page and domain authority or a complete content strategy and is really helping users and their queries.

The difficulty with a once of SEO campaign is that it only takes an algorithm update from Google to start to negatively impact your website and the search queries it is currently getting.

For some time, people were pronouncing the demise of SEO as a service and even an industry, however, there has been a very strong resurgence and search engine optimization is going strong.

Often the most important part of any good digital marketing strategy is thinking about what individuals are more inclined to click.

Ultimately, it’s all going to come down to your business model and the nature of your business and the niche it operates in. Some products or services may sell better through AdWords, others may sell better through organic search.

Here is my recommendation on the best solution for the SEO Vs AdWords debate.

Use Both SEO & AdWords

At least to start with that will give you the best indication of the type of digital marketing that will help your business.

Utilising both AdWords and Search engine optimization synergistically can offer huge wins for your business. As opposed to deciding to use one or the other, think alternatively about how you may combine them for maximum results.

In case you’ve done your Search engine optimization and paid for and AdWords campaign, then this will mean that you now maintain two positions on the results pages for the same item.

Obviously, this greatly increases your likelihood of being clicked. This will also allow you to utilize your AdWords campaigns to be able to test which keywords are most beneficial for you before investing plenty of effort and time into your SEO. This way you could avoid doing Search engine optimization for a term that’ll not lead to any sales.

How does your business utilise SEO and SEM? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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