Updates! New Site & More Video!

Hello again! How are you? Confused?

Let me start by saying sorry.

I have made some pretty major updates and some substantial restructuring of the site of late and I apologies.

But I am doing it all for you.

I promise!

I know it has been a little confronting for my loyal subscribers (friends) and returning visitors but it needed to be done.

The idea behind the new layout and structure is one that allows for a larger number of visitors to navigate through the blog without having to trawl for content to find what they are looking for.

A major reason for this improved layout and functionality is because of an increase in written content on the site and as a result subscribers to the site.

This used to be a site of almost pure imagery and almost no written content.

That was fine for me when I started the site but as I grew as a photographer and as a person I needed a better way to present written content.

So here we are.

I feel that sometimes photographers can get a little carried away with the imagery and as a result subject many visitors to endless scrolling (I know I was once guilty of this!).

I know it is what we do and most of the time what we sell but I also think that never ending images can over-saturate the visitor and give them a sense of "it all just looks the same".

Of course depending on the type of site you run will determine the type of people that ultimately visit it right? So as a photographer I believe you should be thinking who is my target market?

And not I will just post every image I have taken. Do they know about you? Would they know what your about when they land on your site? I have written a post about it here.

These are some of the questions I asked myself during the redesign and after a lot of thought I decided that I would prefer a larger audience to endless images. Or perhaps broader is a better word.

You see my goal/goals continue to change as a photographer and the best way I have found to deal with that is to just simply be honest about what I am doing.

In the past you could have come to this site and seen a fairly attractive wedding photography site and on other days upon returning you would get a dedicated surf blog.

Do you see how this could be disconcerting to a potential client or subscriber?

That being said there have been a few people mainly friends that have continued to come back but today marks the day that I open myself to a larger audience!

To the world. In my early days as a photographer I tried many different types of photography in order to find my place or niche.

One thing that I keep coming back to time and again and the thing that interested me the most in photography itself was photographing people and the actual industry itself.

So from here on out you will see equal amounts of imagery, written content and video covering everything from the industry at large to what motivates me as a photographer.

I really want to talk more on about my personel motivation and how it has changed what I do. So if you are interested just add your email to the subscriber box below and get ready to go on a fantastic ride.

At least I hope it will be fantastic!

Has your site changed over the years? Are you lost in an endless confusion of themes and changes?

Are you sick of seeing endless images with no substance?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below!