A New Beginning Awaits

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Twenty Sixteen WordPress Default Theme

Using Twenty Sixteen WordPress Default Theme

This post is about why I have decided to start using the Twenty Sixteen WordPress Default Theme as my site’s presentation layer. There are a lot of WordPress Themes out there in the marketplace and you really can get lost in all the design, styles and builds. Over the years, I have had literally hundreds of

Google Maps WordPress Plugin

Google Map Plugins for WordPress

Looking for the perfect Goole Map Plugins for WordPress? Often when you are setting up a new instance of WordPress for a client one of the requirements will be to provide relevant contact information and a map of the location. Rightly so, showing proper location information with a contextual map is extremely important to both

Blue Warrior Website Review

Blue Warrior Website Review

Today I review the Blue Warrior website which is a pro law enforcement apparel company run on Shopify using the Brooklyn Theme. Hi guys, Louis here today we are going to dive in and have a bit of a review of the BLUE WARRIOR NATION. This one has been sourced through the Shopify form for

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