On a recent trip down to the snow, I took a short detour (5 hours!) to explore some of the region’s landscapes a bit more thoroughly than the typical highway bypass.

10 minutes into this exploratory adventure I had to stop the car to shoot what would be one of many interesting landscapes found on that trip.

Although the car is great to have for the amount of ground that you can cover the only annoying thing about it is that you have to stop every five miles because great new scenery changes that are begging to be photographed.

Shooting on my 5D MK II and switching between the 24 – 70mm 2.8 because it’s the widest lens I had and the 70 – 200mm to close down the picture a bit more for a dramatic look. All in all, it was a good trip and I met some interesting characters with some funny stories to tell.

It makes me think about travelling around Australia with a film camera so that I can take my time and shoot my way around.

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July 9, 2010

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