Google Map Plugins for WordPress

Looking for the perfect Goole Map Plugins for WordPress?

Often when you are setting up a new instance of WordPress for a client one of the requirements will be to provide relevant contact information and a map of the location. Rightly so, showing proper location information with a contextual map is extremely important to both visitors and search engines alike.


Google Map Plugins for WordPress

While there are literally hundreds of versions of Google Map embeds out there in the WordPress ecosystem what I will focus on in this post is the best free and premium examples of Google Map WordPress  plugins.

As an implementor of WordPress, I spend a lot of time configuring WordPress installations to ensure they are optimised for bot the user and search engines. As a little bonus, I have included a few tips and best practices I think are important when properly implementing Google Maps Plugins.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Google Maps WordPress Plugin

This is a really important step because as mentioned above there are literally hundreds of solutions out there in the marketplace that could potentially be considered as a viable solution for your site or your clients site.

Please ensure you follow the standard process when selecting an appropriate plugin keeping in mind you will want to make sure the developer of the plugin is reputable within the plugin directory and they have solid ratings. If you are diligent it also helps to make sure there is an upgrade path in place for the plugin so that you know there will be improvements made if there is a change in the Google Maps API or WordPress core.

I find it handy to follow the Google Maps API Twitter account so that I am updated of any changes that may affect client sites.

Choosing Your Google Maps WordPress Plugin

Now the fun part, after doing your due diligence you should have a pretty good idea of the developers that are capable of giving you the granular control and plugin performance and the sustainability that you need. If you are finding the search a bit too daunting, I have listed some of my favourite Google Maps WordPress Plugins below. Please note that these are not in order yet and are just a place for you to start from.

If you think I am missing any please ensure you drop me a line in the comments section below.



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