The Search for Significance

The Search for Significance I read a lot.

Eva calls it procrastination.

I call it work.

I am sure it is somewhere in between.

One of the things I am looking for is knowledge.

But what I think I am really looking for is a quick solution.

The quick fix.

I have come to a point where I think that this just does not exist.

You must create your own luck by creating good work with your own two hands.

While the reading is great for reflective moments I have a nagging feeling that mastering the little things is far more important.

Mastering client emails, scheduling, billing and editing would have a much more positive effect on my photography business.

And yet I continue procrastinating.

When I should really be searching.

Searching for subject matter.

Searching for vision.

Searching for opportunity.

Searching for significance.

I constantly find parallels between myself and other photographers.

But the truth is they are different people living different lives and to model myself on them is just plain crazy.

I think a lot of photographers want to be important. To be wanted. To be sought after.

But what about this.

Why not open up your search away from the right gear or the right post production technique.

Open up from the negativity and move towards your own independent and personal search.

The search for who you are and how you work.

Your very own vision.

What do you think?

Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section.