Blue Warrior Website Review

Blue Warrior Website Review

Today I review the Blue Warrior website which is a pro law enforcement apparel company run on Shopify using the Brooklyn Theme.


Hi guys, Louis here today we are going to dive in and have a bit of a review of the BLUE WARRIOR NATION. This one has been sourced through the Shopify form for reviewing my site. Apologies if there’s a bit of background noise today, the next door neighbors are doing some tiling, so let’s jump in and have a look.

First things first, ultimately first impressions, look it’s sort of clean and simple enough, solid logo which is great. I don’t know if I love the height of the logo in comparison to the nav, it seems to take over a bit of the screen real estate.

I’d love to see something that’s a bit more in line, so maybe minimizing it or potentially keeping out this shield to the left of the text there. In terms of the logo, I mean it’s got a purple and a red tied together two fonts, or three fonts different weights so it’s I mean it’s okay, but it is a bit distracting for the eye.

It appears that the theme being used is the Brooklyn theme from Shopify, which is I mean great. I do know that the theme has the ability to have large visually compelling header images, so when we dive a bit further down the page, maybe that’s something to consider, just off the bat, when you land on the page, yeah you’ve got some introduction here about how you are pro-law enforcement which is fine.

But there’s no sort of compelling visual, or nothing selling me the benefit of buying or wearing that product, or having that product, so potentially large header image carousel would be great. Here we’ve got some segmentation for different categories, so men’s clothing, women’s clothing, coffee mugs, phone cases, fine art prints.

So here it starts to get a bit disjointed, in terms how easily this stuff is presented. You sort have this j query masonry type grid layout happening, which is part of the theme. They do come with gray boxes around them, so I think this are featured collections.

You have featured collections, which I’m assuming is what you’re able to print with that particular service that’s allowing you to print these different things. Further down here we’ve got featured products. Sure prices are pretty low. I’m guessing the price products the product’s quite cheap because it’s potentially a white label printing service.

A few model shots, range of different products so I mean immediately looking at this, I’m guessing that your focus is graphic design, or you have done graphic design in the past, or commissioned a graphic design out to create these interesting pieces of artwork, and then you’ve put those on stock product shots, it would seem.

So they’re fun, I mean they’re not completely compelling. Dive down here you’ve got sign up to newsletter which is always great. The footer is a bit light on; I’d love to see some more links in there that would take me to things like our process, our story, why we exist, privacy, terms and conditions, shipping. You might be able to stick a set of links in here for the things like help and support. Potentially information around purchasing a product, and then we’ve got two different social networks, Facebook and Pinterest.

A bit of credibility in terms of payment options, which is great, but let’s go ahead and dive in here, let’s start with men’s clothing, have a look what we can see, so pretty generic and vanilla. I’m not sure if you could have a category image which would also be great, and then once again we’ve got that sort of standard layout which is fine, of all the different products, fair amount of product.

I’d love to see some more lifestyle product shots, so he’s may have purchased this hoodie and it’s great and I love it, but give me something contextual and maybe we’ve got some further down here in the product imagery shots, no. Something contextual about people using and experiencing that product out there in the real world which would be really cool to see. So here is an individual product page, male pullover blue line skull $44, ranging in different sizes, that’s great.

Let’s go large, great it’s good that they link, let’s add it to the cart. Some share icons down here, there we go. Kicks out my cart which is part of the Brooklyn theme, and check out, so look maybe at thoughts it’s all there in terms of the product which is think is great.

I think some things that you need to think about are contextualized style imagery, and some more copy on the side that gives people some more basically information that they can read, about who you are and what you do.

Bear with me. Okay so we’re on the new section here, jumped in have a look at the first post, and okay so this is like the default post that they give you, so I would delete this because it’s no benefit to anyone. I’d love to see like five articles about why you started this store, how you started this store, what benefit it brings to the people that purchase product.

I’d love to see some case studies or interviews with some people in law enforcement that you could leverage, and say why is this exist, is it a charity, do we get money back, how does that work. Some video content would be really great and compelling as well.

And we’ve got a little check box up here that says you’ve got product in the cart. We are always at clothing company dedicated to showing support for law enforcement. These courageous men and women risk their lives every day, and they deserve to know that we support and believe in them.

A portion of the money we make is donated to support the families of fallen officers, fantastic. I think you can build that story out a little bit more, I’d love to see some video of that actual story and yeah, so I think you’re off to a good start.

If we were to check out some of the sort of more SEO based metrics, alexa site plugin here. I mean it’s still pretty new, so there’s no information on that just yet. We can check with the [inaudible 00:06:49] cram extension, see what sort of domain authority you’ve generated if any.

So page authority is one. Don’t be fooled by the 63 here, that’s because it’s a subdomain of the shopify, so once you’ve got your own url set up, you’ll be able to see what sort of domain authority you’ve got there. If we fire up similar web chrome extension here.

You’re safe probably too new to have any data yet, but once you build out some more pages, get some on pages your going, and create editorial content worth linking to then people, this information will start to populate a little bit more.

And once again the sites to new to have any page rank. It’s obviously deprecated now, so you won’t be able to see that anyway. Yeah, so that’s the review. Hopefully it was beneficial, if you’ve got any other questions; feel free to get in contact. Cheers.

Below I have provided some screenshots and you can visit the site here:

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