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Hi, I'm Louis Blythe a frustrated creative, Wordpress fanatic with a passion for SEO, web development and digital marketing. This blog is an ongoing collection of posts about my experiances online.


Espresso Coffee fuels Agency Creativity and Ideas

Part of working at a digital agency is grounded in coffee shop catch ups and impromptu briefings. These catch ups often result in the best ideas being brought to the table. Part of the reason for this is the relaxed nature that the environment brings and allows free thinking and thought to happen. A sure

SEO Vs Adwords

SEO VS AdWords

As you may know, Search engine optimization is critical to your overall digital marketing strategy and associated business success. What is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation? Search engine optimization which suggests the application of numerous digital marketing techniques designed to drive your site and it’s associated pages to the top of Google’s search results page,


Facebook Pixel Installation

Facebook Pixel Installation The Facebook pixel combines the power of the conversion pixel and the Custom Audience pixel into a single pixel. This allows us as digital marketers to have a more streamlined tracking pixel.

Person Working At A Laptop Making Money Online

How To Make Money Online

Hi, guys. Louis here. Today I want to talk to you about how to increase website sales on your e-commerce website or app and it might not be the way you think. Some of the stuff we’re going to cover today include smart and measurable goals that will help you create actionable insights and be

The Reason We Decided to Change Locations

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