My name is Louis Blythe and I am a search marketing professional. I run a digital marketing agency in Crows Nest called Elevate.

This site is a test bed for my skills and is updated as I have the time.

AdWords campaign or if you just want to refresh your old one – I can help.

Life in business is something I was raised to embrace.

My father always encouraged me to perform at my best and to reach up to try and hit my full potential. It was never forced merely suggested.

My mother encouraged us to look for the beauty and life and to express ourselves in our truest and most real form. This gave us the ability to explore on our own and to find true happiness and meaning in the things we loved the most.

I see life in connections and human relationships and would much rather talk on the phone then hide behind email. I’m the guy that sits next to you on the plane, train or automobile and starts a conversation instead of sitting on his phone. I relish it and I want to hear your story.
What makes you? Where did you come from? What do you do? And why do you do it?







Here Are Some Of The People I Have Helped