When I’m not looking for light in the city, my mind is set on the ever broadening world of photography.

My name is Louis Blythe. I'm a photographer based in Sydney. I work in one of the most exciting fields in the world, photography. I have the best job in the world and I'm extraordinarily lucky to have it. I absolutely love my wife, Eva. I love life and its crazy twists and turns, which I do my best to capture.

Although I predominantly shoot personal work I also enjoy shooting the occasional assignment. I spend all my time stalking light in the city or waiting for the sun to rise at the beach.

My aim is to deliver immersive visual experiences frame by frame without generation millions of images for the sack of it. Simple candid moments are my goal and I believe I am yet to come close.

People often ask me “What inspires you?” It’s a big question but if I had to answer it I'd say: Eva, Family, Espresso Coffee, Film, Music, Photography, Waves, couples so in love they don’t know you are there, kids, positivity, and maybe the odd slice of pizza. I shoot a mix of film and digital. I love to create still and moving images for my family, my friends and my clients. I never make my bed, but I wouldn't say I'm lazy.

I'd go insane without photography and bigger stories.