Louis Blythe Wedding Photography Sydney

Welcome to my website. This is a place for me to house all the adventures I have while shooting weddings around Sydney. My name is Louis Blythe and I am a wedding photographer based in Sydney. I am happily living in the best city in the world and photographing my way through life. Although I am a Sydney wedding photographer I also provide my services to the Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Brisbane & Melbourne and hopefully someday the world!

I think love is awesome and photography rules! Together you and I will be able to take over the world MOHAHAHAHAHA………Wait what? Oh yeah sorry sometime's I get a bit carried away.

I have an ever evolving style and can't wait to use you as a Guinea pig! I have worn out two shutters in my camera not because I am carless but because I like to take photos! This site is not just wedding photography it is also a personal journal and a resource for other budding photographers. Feel free to have a poke around and feel free to say hi. If you are concerned about my professionalism, don't be!

Life is to short to be worrying about crazy things like that!

Dont stress I know your rad!

Have fun get married!

Be Good